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I have always wanted to make at least one skydive in my life, and on June 13th, 1998, at Skydive Hastings Airport I finally did it. I knew it would be an incredible experience, but I had no idea how awesome it would actually be! I had never even been in a plane before.

I didn't experience a plane landing until almost 8 years later.

Just after getting dressed for action.

Last minute tightening.

Ready yet?

Climbing into the plane, they didn't tell me I would have to practice the exit!

The plane was smaller than it looked, it was hard to "get a leg up"!

"Thumbs Up!"

A new experience awaits!

I was alot less nervous than I thought I would be.

Let's see how high we are so far.

No big whoop to the jumpmaster. I think he got a few Z's.

Time to jump, we're almost two miles up.

I left the plane!

Which way is up? Where'd that plane go?

Still in freefall, "Hello!"

Now, where did I park?

Almost to Earth.

"We made it!"

video Now the video is on the internet! Click here!

Many thanks to:

Greg, who introduced me to skydiving, and

the beautiful Dawn, for encouraging me in all my dreams,

and the staff of Skydive Hastings.

For more cool skydiving stuff, see